Hi, I’m Lenora

I began career coaching as an a la carte and partial service of my resume packages. I enjoyed being able to guide my customers to making a decision about their confidence in their job search marketing documents, interview apparel and their overall social media job hunt. Most, if not all of my clients from the past 16 years were employed, transitioning between departments or to other fields, or a retiree, or student returning-to-work. I was given the opportunity to assist baby boomers with their new technological, job search. I was overjoyed with having done so and it helped to shape my coaching experiences and my own pursuit of satisfying personal development. Taking my life experiences and my reflection of life; the good, the bad, and the ugly.


As much as we want to be perfect, as humans we are not. When we take our experiences and knowledge we create the ability to listen and analyze facts and reason for our behaviors and actions. Mindset makes a huge difference as well as having the ability to research and analyze and to learn and apply the appropriate approaches for the purpose of each necessary issue. My law enforcement training. healthcare, and education work experiences makes me apply the correct mindset processes to an individuals’ career, life and business goals planning.

We’ve all needed someone to motivate, inspire, and to hold us accountable when we get off track. Not only can I help you with getting on track, but also how to tackle the many barriers that are usually caused by another factor. Like not paying a bill on time and causing other things to be underfunded because of having to allocate money to late fees. We’ve all been there. Let’s me help set your target and overcome your barriers. Remember making plans and setting goals is the easy part-Taking action and sticking to is really what hitting the target means.



Certified Career, Life, and Business Coach

Currently completing NLP Practitioner Certification ABNLP (assoc)

What is the difference between Coaching vs Counseling: See Disclaimer


  • Information packed practical coaching.
  • RBET (Rational Emotive Behavioral) Mindset Life Coach and CBT- (Cognitive Behavioral) Coach clients to empower their thoughts, emotions, behaviors & dreams and SMART Goals Coaching.
  • Assessment at the end of every session.
  • Membership and Coaching purchase determines session type, duration, and frequency.